Four ways of Employee tracking every employer should know about

4 main areas for monitoring your employees

Do you think your personnel implement tasks inefficiently? Don’t worry, only a minor number of companies can boast that their employees work in a full motion (probably, only half of them can show that). Even though you cannot achieve the full capacity, you can boost it using various methods, one of them is using employee monitoring software. Here you will find all types of monitoring software used in real companies which have already shown outstanding results.

Four types of employee monitoring

A feature which any employee enjoys the most is freedom. They like when they have enough time not only to office duties but also to observe pages of internet-shops or read news feed in a Facebook. That can become good for them but every minute they spend on activities which seem out of their job reduces your profits. That is why a lot of employers have already started using at least one of the following ways in monitoring their staff:

  1. Monitoring employees’ personal messaging: divulgence of company’s insights or sending harassment messages can play a really bad joke with company’s reputation. The same way, if workers write personal messages while they work, that becomes not good for the overall productivity. You can monitor messages using keyloggers and view when exactly they sent every e-mail;
  2. Monitoring internet usage: while your workers remain in their working places, you have all rights for supervising the amount of time they’ve been spending on various websites. Even if you want to know what your SMM manager is doing, there are a lot of software solutions recording every action your worker makes;
  3. Listening to employees’ phone calls: the main problem remains not about workers using phone connection to chat with their mates while working. The main problem is all about the quality of service if your employee works in a client service and you want to be sure that she does everything well;
  4. Tracking employee location: this tool is effective if you want to know whether your staff comes to work on time or they need to deliver important documents. There are a lot of GPS tracking devices which you can easily connect to your employees and see if they do everything right.


Can I build trust if I use such devices?

The question of building trust is the most problematic while inquiring computer monitoring software. All employees tend to think: “Well if you don’t trust us, then why should we trust you”. That leads to lower retention and higher disappointment among staff. Not accepting the computer tracking software which restricts staff’s freedom is normal but there are some tools which can mitigate the negative effect of introducing them. They are:

  1. Making written arrangements and policies: any worker wants to know what she can do and what she cannot. If you make everything clear to everyone, there will be no negative surprises;
  2. Meeting with personnel and telling about main benefits from such systems: workers should start looking for monitoring software as on means for enhancing transparency and making staff policies farther than just the tool to restrict their liberty;
  3. Using the data, you obtain for improving working conditions: difficulties with special tasks require additional training and monitoring device is the best way to know which one your workers need the most.

Using computer monitoring devices is not the way to make workers your slaves, it is a good way to make your staff more efficient. Convince them about that, and they will never revolt.

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