3 actions to make employee monitoring less painful to your workforce

The safer way to inquire employees’ monitoring policies

Monitoring employees’ online behavior is always based on a large amount of problems. Workers always want higher freedom so it seems normal that they get angry knowing that they’ve been supervised. However, there will be a minor resistance if one does everything right. There are three necessary actions managers should make for their workforce to accept the employee monitoring software easier.

  1. To make everything clear and understandable for your workforce.

Unless your employees don’t understand why do you act this way, they will never become committed to your actions.  Once someone wants to introduce the policy of employee monitoring, she should assemble all company’s workforce together, carefully explaining why it all is necessary. There are a lot of arguments one can use to prove this point:

  1. Supervision can make salary and working conditions clearer and farer for any worker: Employees love freedom but fairness and transparency are two things which they value much more;
  2. Monitoring remains capable of steamlining your company’s performance: Higher productivity always has a considerable impact on the company’s bottom line. As people spend less time on unnecessary tasks and issues, they have more opportunities to do their job faster and cope with every problem much easier;
  3. Monitoring will help you use Big data for improvement of working conditions: you can find a lot of interesting facts by simply monitoring your workers performing regular tasks. This way you will find ways to improve performance by making them more comfortable for your workers;
  4. Getting to know how employees perform their ordinary tasks you will decide which training do they require and how to develop their abilities in a more effective way.


  1. Introduce clear writing policies

The need to supervise employees’ actions is not illegal and it doesn’t violate their rights of privacy. Everyone in the workforce should get clear and exhaustive conditions on how they will be supervised and when such supervision will take place.

A common mistake made by some managers is making your workforce intimidated by making unexpected visits to the office or making irregular screenshots of their actions. It is a good kind of a policy for tax officials but it is really not appropriate for human resource policies. All people should know their rights and freedoms, they all should know in which form you will supervise them and how exactly it will be. If you fire your employee, it should be pretty clear why are you firing him, or you will get a higher retention among existing workers.

  1. Use effective monitoring software

A lot of monitoring policies show weak results because they use software, which is improper and inconvenient for research purposes.  If you want to achieve tangible results, you need to use a proper computer tracking software with the ability to track every action they do and any web page your workers visit while using the Internet. The precision of the data has a huge impact on managerial decisions resulting from it so choose your computer monitoring software carefully and always inform your workers about it.

The more you control the process, the better its outcomes reflect your objectives. If you let your workers know about employee tracking as soon as possible and do it in the right way, they will not rise up against your policies. Create a strong team making your relations transparent and clear for everyone.

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