Why can employee monitoring be helpful for any modern company?

Key benefits of introducing employee monitoring benefits

Did you ever notice that your employees close their browser when you come to the office? Have you ever encountered any sign of disbelief on their faces? If you have already noticed that your workers don’t trust you or if they do something they don’t want you to know, it is the best time to start monitoring them. There are a lot of reasons why it can help.

Key reasons to start tracking workers’ online behaviour

It is a well-known fact that if there is no supervision inside the company, workers tend to become less productive, doing ordinary tasks longer than necessary. There are various reasons why someone does so, social media browsing, visiting pages of internet-shops or even watching films at the working time. No one will do anything like that if it remains well-known that managers are following and controlling for every moment staff uses a Global network.

Employee monitoring software can give you a list of benefits including:

  1. Wasting no time: a person always becomes more efficient if she knows that her employer will know what did she do instead of doing her job. That will free a lot of your money, providing higher returns on wages;
  2. The ability to reduce errors: sometimes if the person delivers work lately or make some mistakes, one should follow all necessary steps she has been making to provide useful recommendations on how to enhance the quality of work;
  3. Prioritizing abilities better: not all workers have developed project management skills so they may prioritise their tasks not like their manager did. If you monitor what are they doing you can quickly figure out what task do they do and write a useful recommendation to make higher priority on your task;
  4. Better knowledge of employees’ insights: it is much more convenient not to base your human resource policy on theory but make it more flexible to what employees you are managing. If you know some facts about them and develop your policy according to that, they will become more psychologically satisfied with the working place;
  5. Higher security: sometimes the fact that your employee has been using the wrong website while working will harm work not only productivity but also the company’s reputation. So it becomes safer to monitor workers than allow them to do what they want.


A nice computer monitoring software for employee tracking:

As your workers do the biggest amount of work using their computers, the best tool one can use computer tracking software. The basic tool allows you not only to track all words and commands they type using a keyboard but also see all pages they visit and how much time they spend exploring each of websites.

Install it on your computer, and you will have the vast amount of data which you can analyse and derive all necessary conclusions about their online behaviour and which amount of their working time they waste. As you inform your workers beforehand and everything will be transparent, there will be no shocks and your employees will relate to their job more seriously.

Don’t be afraid that you lose a lot of employees while introducing monitoring policies. The best working atmosphere is based on atmosphere and trust. Show openness and trust to your employees and require the same from them – and you will have a strong and efficient team, which can bring outstanding results.

Monitoring Software Usage: How to Save Your Corporate Data

Up-to-date Efficient Monitoring Software Usage

The world has changed greatly during a few previous decades. Therefore, the business conduction methods have changed as well. Nowadays most of the corporate communication is held through the Internet, together with other virtual tools and platforms. Social networks have also become a great place for sharing an opinion.

Since the virtual platforms remain a new top tool of communication; checking on safety online is a new challenge for employers. The traditional tools dedicated to security matters are no longer useful because they cannot fully provide safety of corporate data. Together with mentioned instruments, new ones must be used, including monitoring software.

Monitoring Software: Checking of Data Available

Computer monitoring software is professional tool specially designed to provide the employer with additional information about workers’ actions during a working day. Since, employee monitoring software allows checking through all e-mails, video calls, browser history, websites visited, every executive will be aware whether his employees are loyal to own company or not. Because of sharing corporate data and business correspondence is strictly forbidden for any worker, having a chance to avoid such a terrible situation is one of the main tasks of mentioned software.

Any manager cannot control own workers throughout an entire day, and be aware what they are writing in their e-mail and watching online. A highly effective employee monitoring tools can allow managers to save their time spent on supervising own employees. Computer tracking software gathers an entire requested information, and send it to your personal account. Therefore, you will be aware of any action your workers perform.

Key Aims of Computer Tracking Programs

Being in charge of the entire company, no matter whether it is small personal business or a big corporation puts additional responsibilities on your shoulders. The security issue is one of the key matters that must be solved immediately. Besides, constant updates to an existed security system must be made. In the same time, traditional security measures will allow avoiding not entire range of possible problems.

Information leakage, business correspondence shared with third parties, and familiar situation are all can become a disaster for a company development. Consequently, the installing of employee tracking instrument on employees’ personal computers brings additional safety as well. While conducting business, every employer knows that business correspondence, corporate data and information are one of the most valuable assets. Therefore, no one is allowed to share the data mentioned with any third parties. The usage of any computer tracking programs is the top option for employers to keep own documentation, correspondence and data safe.

There are many important reasons why using tracking tools is the best chance to improve the safety of your corporate data. You can save a lot of time, money and efforts previously spent on other security measures, including virtual private networks. Since even a very effective management team cannon handle supervising the entire staff, monitoring programs easily installed on Windows, MacOS or Android will allow you are checking on your employees’ activities, and be aware of the complete safety of corporate secrets.

Basic Keylogger’s functions that make employee monitoring effective, preventing data leaks

Five ways Keylogger can save company’s reputation

Every boss will notice an information leak sooner or later. Opponents get access to secret data which causes huge financial losses and enormous expenses.

Most of such leaks occur thanks to spies who are sent by competitive companies. They integrate into staff and transfer all important figures to the rivals.

Enterprises are ready to do anything for stopping them. Companies buy monitoring software for keeping an eye on their employees.

It does not matter, how many staff members they have – Keyloggers are made to control all. This unique computer monitoring software should be installed on each computer. After that one account is registered at the virtual server to watch them all.

The server contains special folders named after each user. As soon as they enter the net, these folders receive new files you can check anytime from any spot of this world. What you need are a PC and Internet connections.

Some company executives hire special people to cope with employee monitoring. But that should be someone they fully trust.

Employee monitoring software runs fine on Windows, Android and MacOS. Even if all of them work in your office at a time.

Each computer tracking software has basic functions, plus some features available for some particular pack only.

Social networks

Keyloggers record the time users log in, duration of the session and copy every step they take there. Employee tracking copies every message they send even when it is only status change. All files sent or received are copies as well.


As soon as employee follows any link – it appears on the server. When a user sends or receives an email – you can get its direct copy with time and date markers.


A worker started an application offline? Computer tracking will copy the name of it immediately. Every move they take in it is recorded and stored.


It is called ‘Keylogger’ because these apps were made to copy all keystrokes. Every time users start typing the computer monitoring software activates to record their texting. It is not only about social networks. Even if it goes about regular notepad document – you get the copy instantly.


To check what they do during the day – adjust this feature for taking screens of all desktops once per five minutes.

Files will be sorted according to user names and dates. If there is a strong need of finding anything in particular – use search window. You can use date, time and user name to sort files on the server.

Such method of monitoring lets companies boost users’ productivity without anyhow hurting or stressing them. If you are looking for a spy or simply checking on how often they use the Internet for personal purpose – you always hit right people, leaving good workers unaware of what is going on.

People can get to know they are watched by Keyloggers only if you tell them. The app hides deeply in their PC without giving any sign of activity. It lets companies save time and money achieving your goals.

Four ways of Employee tracking every employer should know about

4 main areas for monitoring your employees

Do you think your personnel implement tasks inefficiently? Don’t worry, only a minor number of companies can boast that their employees work in a full motion (probably, only half of them can show that). Even though you cannot achieve the full capacity, you can boost it using various methods, one of them is using employee monitoring software. Here you will find all types of monitoring software used in real companies which have already shown outstanding results.

Four types of employee monitoring

A feature which any employee enjoys the most is freedom. They like when they have enough time not only to office duties but also to observe pages of internet-shops or read news feed in a Facebook. That can become good for them but every minute they spend on activities which seem out of their job reduces your profits. That is why a lot of employers have already started using at least one of the following ways in monitoring their staff:

  1. Monitoring employees’ personal messaging: divulgence of company’s insights or sending harassment messages can play a really bad joke with company’s reputation. The same way, if workers write personal messages while they work, that becomes not good for the overall productivity. You can monitor messages using keyloggers and view when exactly they sent every e-mail;
  2. Monitoring internet usage: while your workers remain in their working places, you have all rights for supervising the amount of time they’ve been spending on various websites. Even if you want to know what your SMM manager is doing, there are a lot of software solutions recording every action your worker makes;
  3. Listening to employees’ phone calls: the main problem remains not about workers using phone connection to chat with their mates while working. The main problem is all about the quality of service if your employee works in a client service and you want to be sure that she does everything well;
  4. Tracking employee location: this tool is effective if you want to know whether your staff comes to work on time or they need to deliver important documents. There are a lot of GPS tracking devices which you can easily connect to your employees and see if they do everything right.


Can I build trust if I use such devices?

The question of building trust is the most problematic while inquiring computer monitoring software. All employees tend to think: “Well if you don’t trust us, then why should we trust you”. That leads to lower retention and higher disappointment among staff. Not accepting the computer tracking software which restricts staff’s freedom is normal but there are some tools which can mitigate the negative effect of introducing them. They are:

  1. Making written arrangements and policies: any worker wants to know what she can do and what she cannot. If you make everything clear to everyone, there will be no negative surprises;
  2. Meeting with personnel and telling about main benefits from such systems: workers should start looking for monitoring software as on means for enhancing transparency and making staff policies farther than just the tool to restrict their liberty;
  3. Using the data, you obtain for improving working conditions: difficulties with special tasks require additional training and monitoring device is the best way to know which one your workers need the most.

Using computer monitoring devices is not the way to make workers your slaves, it is a good way to make your staff more efficient. Convince them about that, and they will never revolt.

3 actions to make employee monitoring less painful to your workforce

The safer way to inquire employees’ monitoring policies

Monitoring employees’ online behavior is always based on a large amount of problems. Workers always want higher freedom so it seems normal that they get angry knowing that they’ve been supervised. However, there will be a minor resistance if one does everything right. There are three necessary actions managers should make for their workforce to accept the employee monitoring software easier.

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